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At Rengit Coffee, we do not believe in templates for BEST coffee (unless you're talking about our own Rengit Liberica, Of Course!) ! We do believe that each coffee has it's own character and will suit individual palatte so below are some of our finely roasted coffee beans for you to explore what is Your 'Best' coffee. So, Welcome! Your coffee adventure starts here!

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What Our Customers Say!
"Hi KF, enjoyed your post. Just curious, but have you tried the Rengit Excelsa coffee variety? It is only available fresh in Batu Pahat, Johor and is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted. Aromatic, not bitter or acidic, just smooth."
Alex Kee Alex Kee on KF Chan's Coffee in Malaysia blog.
"The counter... take a closer look to their chairs ... unique & comfortable. For pocket savers ... choose your meal according to what day is today … My meal - RM8.50. Taste - 4.5/5 MARVELLOUS! Today is Tuesday ... so, I choose Tuesday's set menu [on] which they serve laksa+coffee/tea and ice cream (chocolate / peppermint / yam / vanilla / strawberry)"
Linda Linda on LindaKhalid blog.
“We stopped by at this place called Rengit Coffee located in the BP Square. I wanted to taste the coffee cause I know for a fact, kopi kampung nie lagi kaw dari [this village coffee is stronger than] all those Starbucks, San Fran[cisco] segala [and all the rest]! ... Love the deco of the place. Really nice and neat ... The chairs were very nice as well. Very unique indeed. We ordered only something light like coffee, toast and the cuties had chocolate shake. I can say the coffee was not disappointing. Memang kaw sungguh! [Really strong indeed]. My better half had this latte with honey [pic]. He loved this as well [pic] ... As far as the coffee is concerned, memang best!”
Liza Liza on As Normal As I Can Be blog
“Maka... para mum-to-[baby] pun lepak la kat Rengit... Rengit Coffee ni sidappp...” [Even so, mums-to-babies also hang out at Rengit. This Rengit Coffee is delicioussss]
Babyelle Babyelle
“I just got a packet of Rengit coffee beans (from Batu Pahat) …. heard of it? Its only RM 6 for 250g . A cheepo if u compare to Starbucks”

Right-o, Zeek. We can get you arabica coffee from the same countries that Starbucks gets them at a fraction of the price and sublime liberica and excelsa coffee we grow ourselves.