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Q. What is Pure Coffee?
Pure coffee is 100% coffee bean/ powder. It has no additives, no flavoring, no sugar.

Q. What is Elephant Coffee Bean?
Elephant coffee bean is our Malaysia pride, and at Rengit it's our proud product. We have our special clone of Elephant Coffee Bean, Liberica species that is so rare it's only about 1% of the world coffee population. More details can be read under the section Elephant Coffee Beans.

Q. How is the coffee roasted at Rengit Coffee?
Master Roasters at Rengit Coffee roast our coffee using Probat roasters by batch so we can monitor the quality of each batch. Local Malaysia taste prefers dark roast as such most of our coffee are dark roasts, for other roasts, you may wish to contact us via email.

Q. How fresh is the coffee at Rengit Coffee?
We are roasting fresh coffee everyday to keep with up our demands. So rest assured your coffee is probably as fresh as it gets.

Q. How long can I keep my coffee?
We always say fresh is best! So drink up my friend, while our coffee is fresh and the aroma is strong. If unopened, our coffee sachet can be kept for up to two years. Once opened, we recommend within 2-3 weeks while being stored in air tight containers.

Q. What type of coffee is sold at Rengit Coffee?
All the products listed for sales on our website is available, and if you do not find your desired coffee here, simple drop us a request and see if we can acquire it for you.

Q. Which coffee is the best coffee?
There is no best coffee. UNLESS you're talking about our Rengit Elephant Coffee, that is. Coffee is an acquired taste, so if you grew up with pure coffee, you would prefer it's taste, if you like white coffee, you would be used to it's taste. If it's your first try on coffee or if you are on a quest to find your favorite coffee, we suggest ordering small packets of our coffee to taste each one to decide which one suits you best. descriptions of our coffee are also stated on its pages.

Q. I do not have a coffee machine, can I still make good coffee?
Coffee machines are a way of making coffee, without it there are many other devices to make coffee such as traditional sock coffee, pour over, French press, Vietnam dripping cups, see our brewing devices to view some inexpensive and fun brewing methods.

Q. I run a café/hotel, can I make a custom blend?
Yes, please send us an email at inquiries@rengitcoffee.com and together with our master roasters, we will work on creating a unique taste for your cafe / hotel. However, there will be a minimum order for customs blends.

Q. What makes Rengit Coffee different from other Malaysia coffee?
We are the direct coffee manufacturer, meaning we grow our own coffee, we harvest our own coffee, we process our own coffee, we select and roast our own coffee, and you get the idea. We are the real deal as we only ensure the best and freshest coffee goes out to our customers. We have small time dedicated farmers looking after our Elephant Coffee Plantations and we hand select the ripe cherries for processing. We take utmost care of our coffee throughout the whole process and skip all the in between transactions to bring down our costs so we can pass on the savings to you. Elephant Coffee Bean is our Malaysia's pride and we are proud to showcase this to the world.

Q. What is our shipping charges?
Our standard shipping charges are stated under shipping.

Q. Where can I purchase your coffee besides online website?
We have various places carrying our coffee products but it is best to call and check each store before heading over as not each stores carry our full range of product. Alternatively, all Dagan Café, Rengit Coffee Cafes Carry our products.

Q. Can you regularly send my coffee to the office / hotel / shop without me having to keep ordering?
You may wish to email us at inquiries@rengitcoffee.com to discuss with us on the amount and frequency of the coffee product you wish to perform a blanket order and we can arrange it for you to take away the worry of repeat orders.

Q. Should I keep my coffee in the refrigerator to keep it fresh?
All of our coffee beans are packaged in a sealed bag, so you can keep it for long periods if unopened. However one open we recommend to store it in airtight containers in cool dark place. DO NOT store it in the refrigerator if your refrigerator has strong smelling food.

Q. Should I reheat my coffee after it cools?
We wouldn't recommend it. Coffee is a delicate drink, once heated and cooled it's chemistry and taste profile changes, reheating it further breaks down the taste profile and it would not taste as good. You wouldn't want to waste such good coffee from Rengit Coffee! Drink it while it's hot!

Q. How much coffee powder should we use for each cup?
The standard we recommend is 1 sachet per 160 ml cup, or 10-12 gm per 160 ml cup. If you prefer a weaker or stronger cup, simply adjust your amount of water or coffee amount used.

Q. Can we make more than 1 cup of coffee with one sachet coffee powder?
We wouldn't recommend it. Our Pure coffee is made affordable for daily drinking and it's best taste is to drink from the first brew. The second cup made from the same coffee sachet would not taste as good as the first.

Q. What can I do with the coffee powder after brewing?
You may wish to keep the clean brewed coffee powder and add it to your potted plants as fertilizer, or use it as a body scrub to remove those nasty dead skin on our body!

Q. How do I specify if I want some requests not available from your website?
Some items have more than one option available, such as coffees which are available medium grind, coarse grind or whole bean. Make sure the correct option is selected. Click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the product's description, after which you may then “Checkout” or continue shopping. If you want buy more than one, then type desired quantity into the Quantity box, and then click the "Update Quantity" button during the “Checkout” stage. If there are other specific requests you may wish to put it in the comment box and we will try our best to accommodate it. In the event we are unable to do so, we will email you and raise an alternative solution.

Q. Do you ship to any country other than the Malaysia?
Yes, please drop us an email with your country and address and we shall provide you with a estimate cost of shipping.

Q. Can I place an urgent order and request for faster shipping time?
Our standard products will require 3-5 days shipping time starting from the time payment is verified. For special requests like different roast, grind, packing, blend, the standard time required is 5-7 days from time payment is verified. If you have a very urgent order, you may wish to call us at +607-4242241 and if possible, we may try to assist you, however please understand this is subjected to our availability.

Q. I haven't received my order OR my order was not correct. What do I do?
We apologize for that! Please call us at +607-4242241 or email us at inquiries@rengitcoffee.com so we can rectify it.

Q. I don’t have a credit card, can I still make purchases?
Yes, you have the option to transfer online or transfer using the cash deposit machine to our Maybank account. Please follow the instruction at checkout.

Q. What should I do in the event of any error during the payment stage?
You will receive a confirmation email after you have made your payment. However, if there is an error or you have not received the confirmation email, you may call the customer service of your credit card or the issuing bank to see if the payment went through.

Q. Will I be able to check on the delivery status of my purchase?
For small packages Yes, the tracking code of your purchase will be emailed to you, for large parcels (4kg and above) if after the stipulated time you have not received your item please call us and we shall track it for you. However please do not worry and call before the stipulated time is up.

If you are unable to find your answers here, please feel free to email us @ inquiries@rengitcoffee.com, and we will be more than glad to assist you!