Honey 200g

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Pure Raw Honey is honey that has been spun and extracted from our natural honey combs direct from Rengit Coffee Farms. They contain natural enzymes and natural bee pollen and all the floral essences from our coffee and coconut trees in the farm, producing our signature sweet smelling coconut and slight coffee naturally flavoured honey.  Our honey is not processed and ultra filtered unlike others but just filtered once of sediments and directly stored in bottles so you might see an occasionally bee leg or bee wax (they are totally safe do not worry). Our honey is not heat treated so as to maintain all the natural enzymes,flavours, vitamins and minerals.

Note: Store bottles upright and do not shake bottle vigourously as natural honey will emit some gases. 

Serving: Consume direct or can be made into beverages with wooden or plastic spoon. 

Side uses: can be used to condition skin and hair and can be used to treat slight scarring or slight burn marks. (Please see doctor for serious case)

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